Outsmart any AI detector

Prove you wrote an assignment and didn’t use AI!
Integrito helps you to be on the safe side. Demonstrate your working progress to the teacher and get the grade you deserve regardless of what AI detectors show.

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Outsmart any AI detector

Why Integrito is an essential tool for students and writers

When a teacher doubts the authenticity of your work and suspects AI cheating, it may be challenging to prove the opposite. You nervously gather the drafts and recollect everything that can help to prove your writing effort. Sounds familiar? With Integrito, you will always have a Google Doc History report to present proof to your teacher in one click.

  • Show how your text volume grew gradually to guide a teacher through the writing process.
  • Provide evidence of the time you spent crafting the paper and how many sessions it took to complete it.
  • Demonstrate that you didn’t copy-paste any extracts, and let your teacher compare the results of editing sessions.
  • Prove you are the only contributor and the actual author of your work.
  • Share the Activity Report with your teacher instantly.
Why Integrito is an essential tool for students and writers

Don’t allow AI detector to put your grade at risk

  1. Install the Integrito Writing Activity extension for your browser.

    Install the Integrito Writing Activity extension for your browser.

  2. Log in or register for free access to the account used in your browser.

    Log in or register for free access to the account used in your browser.

  3. Open a Google Doc you want to check and click the "Activity Report" button

    Open a Google Doc you want to check and click the “Activity Report” button*

    *You need to have Editing access to the Google Doc to see the button.

When even an accurate AI detector puts at risk your grades and reputation, present an Integrito Activity Report to your teacher to show:

  • the time you spent composing the text demonstrating the working process;
  • the gradual growth of the text volume, showing you didn’t copy-paste;
  • the absence of any suspicious actions like adding a large part of text out of nowhere;
  • the comparison of the editing sessions to the final result, proving authentic writing.

Innovative approach for students

Innovative approach for students

Have solid proof for every paper you write

Add Integrito extension to your browser and access Activity Report in your Google Doc in one click. Forget any authenticity and plagiarism-related worries for good.

Show HOW the text was created – no matter what AI checkers say

Integrito Text Analysis allows you to provide evidence whenever your teacher questions your paper’s authorship, originality, or validity.

Let the teacher learn your writing progress

Integrito Activity Report gives a clear picture of your writing progress – as if your teacher would see you writing and not using any cheating tricks.

Share the Activity Report with your teacher instantly

Prove the authorship

If your teacher suspects someone else wrote a paper for you, an Activity Report will prove you were the only contributor to a document.

Present the time you contributed

AI generates the text in moments; human writing takes time. The Activity Report will include the length of your editing sessions so the teacher will evaluate your effort.

Guide your teacher through your creative process

The Activity Report will reflect all the editing sessions and changes made to the document, comparing each stage to the final result.

Share the Activity Report with your teacher instantly

No more stressful attempts to collect your materials and prove you didn’t cheat. Integrito has your back – get a clear dashboard with all proof and share it with your teacher!

What to do if any AI detection tool states your work is AI-generated

The existing AI detection software for students helps to foresee the results the professor will get checking the work to avoid accusations of AI cheating or plagiarism. As no AI detection tool for students or teachers is 100% accurate, false-positive results may be misleading for the teacher, and it may be hard to prove the work’s authenticity.

Before Integrito, the only strategy for minimizing the risk was the preventative usage of AI detection checker for students. Seeing that the tool shows the work has been potentially machine-generated, the author could edit questionable parts to ensure the writing passes the AI check. This approach has its drawbacks, though:

  • the teacher may use a different AI detector, which can give a different result;
  • it may be hard to edit the paper, preserving its value based on the AI detection checker for students’ results;
  • the teacher may not use any programs, but consider your work AI-generated due to some factors;
  • it’s hard to oppose AI-cheating accusations as the only solid proof is the writing process.

So, Integrito Google Doc View History tool for students gives you that solid argument! Unlike existing AI detection tools for students, Integrito focuses not on particular signs of cheating but on the writing process itself. The Activity Report is a comprehensive analysis of the document creation stages, giving the teacher evidence for making decisions. If your work is authentic, the report will reflect it!

How can teachers interpret the Activity Report information instead of using the regular AI detection software for students and teachers?

  • When some part of the paper seems suspicious, the teacher can check how it was created. If the extract appeared out of nowhere in a second, it may indicate AI cheating. However, the gradual growth of the text may prove the work’s authenticity.
  • The professor can study the document analysis for any activity that seems fishy, like copy-pasting or suspiciously short editing sessions. Writing a five-page paper in five seconds is impossible; hence, this situation may evoke questions. On the contrary, adequate editing time eliminates doubts.
  • If the AI detection tool for students and teachers claims the paper is machine-written, the teacher can analyze the Activity Report and make evidence-based decisions instead of relying on an AI checker.
  • If the Activity Report shows suspicious events, the teacher can check the doubtful part for AI and plagiarism, address some questions for the paper’s author, and make conclusions.

Integrito, as an alternative AI detection tool for students, improves the relationship between teachers and learners, helping to maintain academic integrity and collaboration.

Any doubts or accusations that seem unfair? Just invite your teacher into your writing process with Integrito!