How to write an article with AI

How to write an article with AI

AI has become a game-changer for education and the creative domain. While many picture it as a “bad guy” that kills originality and facilitates cheating, AI chatbots can be an awesome tool for spurring inspiration and saving time and effort for more enjoyable tasks. The problem, as well as the magic key, is not the AI itself, but the way writers may use it. Let’s see how one can incorporate AI when composing an article.


Prompt example: “Provide a list of ideas on how to…”

When you feel stuck and run out of ideas, but deadlines don’t care about your lack of inspiration, pick AI’s brain to come out of writer’s block. You may ask the chatbot to generate possible topics, find new approaches to the existing ones, or help with structuring the material. Even if you don’t get any relevant ideas, reflecting on the list of possibilities gets you into the working mood and gives a gentle nudge to your own solutions.

Define your audience

Prompt example: “Explain photosynthesis to a kindergartener…” or “Write about restorative yoga for tired young parents…”

The writer needs to know who they are addressing to deliver their ideas at their best. AI can help shape the right approach and tone of voice so you can go on with your writing aware of your readers’ specifics.

Adjust the style

Prompt example: “Mimic the style of…” or “Write about food consumption as Emily Dickinson”

AI is a great instrument for trying out various styles and approaches to your text. You can get creative and go crazy without spending too much time and effort. Just prompt AI to generate the text on your topic mimicking a certain style or acting as a certain person until you find the tone of voice that suits you. Then you can go on with your writing taking up the chosen tune.

Search for keywords

Prompt example: “What are the best keywords to write about…”

SEO is still a crucial part of making the articles visible. With a wide range of professional SEO tools for keyword research, including the most recent AI-empowered instruments, chatbot output can be the first step to making your writing more attractive to search engines and promoting it organically.

Expand vocabulary

Prompt example: “Give me synonyms to…” or “Generate opposites to the word…” or “What is another way to say…”

AI comes to the rescue when you are rereading the article, and trying to replace the tenth “good” in a row with a relevant synonym. Or when you struggle with recalling the right word for some concept even in your native language. Look for the best expression or collocation to make your text sound right.

Look deeper

Prompt example:  “Explain to me…”

You can use an AI chatbot to search for the data you need to study quickly. Look for the facts or ask AI to explain the complicated concepts, as we need to understand the material before writing on the topic, but don’t always have enough time for proper research. In the most challenging cases, you can ask to “explain as to a 5-year-old…”–don’t be shy, we won’t tell anyone!

Just be careful to fact-check the information you receive–after all, AI chatbots are trained on the data available online and can’t guarantee 100% accuracy.


Prompt example: “Illustrate…” or “Give examples to…”

When we want the reader to get a clear picture of the concept we introduce or connect to our writing emotionally, facts are not enough. We need to draw an example and invite the audience to relate to the issue or help them imagine the situation we are referring to. Coming up with relevant examples is not always easy, and AI can be a great help with that.

To wrap things up: consider AI as a tool, not an author. Use it to write the text with you, but not instead of you. Enjoy the process, make sure to edit and polish the result, and be proud of implementing the most high-tech approaches into your writing routine!

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